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Nice Carnival
Traditionally, Mardi Gras and Carnival celebrations include lots of feasting, partying and parading. It's been that way in Christian countries around the world since the Middle Ages. And once again it's time for fun and frivolity on the French Riviera with the Carnival of Nice (France) from February 12th 2006, to February 28th 2010. Two weeks of processions and parades with spectacular floats and corsi (processions of floral floats),with spectacular and elegant flower parades on the Promenade des Anglais,with various events and festivities: rock, techno and dance concerts, entertainment and fireworks, and much more.
This top winter event on the French Riviera attracts over 1 200 000 spectators. The theme for 2010 is King of Blue Planet.
1 Nice : the city of French Carnival
2 A holiday of balls and masquerades
3 The Italian-styled festival in the Century of the Lights
4 The Sardinian restoration: on the parade
5 The Events committee
6 Grotesque chronology
7 Glances on the Parade
8 The universe of the fantastic in the Carnival
9 The Battle of Ratapignata
10 Ratapignata: expression of a wild thought.
11 The Devil, the Witch and the “Babau”
12 The Sabbath of the Witches and Stove-building
13 Babau
14 The popular art creators of the Carnival
15 The music and the songs
16 The Carnival and the music of the darkness
17 The Tumult
18 Musical traditions in the XIX-th century
19 The floats of music
20 The official song of carnival
21 The Sixties
22 The Revival of the 90s
23 Musics of the world
24 The illuminations
25 Carnavaliers
26 The battles of flowers
27 Contemporary art and carnival
28 What future, for Nice, European Carnival?

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