The appearance of the float of Ratapignata in the Carnival of Nice, had for consequence to develop the symbolic, fantastic contribution, of grotesque works in the grotesque parades, heirs of the popular mythological and rabelaisian universe. Very often the Carnival of Nice, is treated with Carnival "spectacle", with a pejorative sense given to this term.
I would prefer to use the expression of " mythological Comedy ", which takes place in front of the public, by means of these floats, and which sometimes gives the occasion to play psychodramas.
During Beautiful Time, the world of the Darkness, the fantastic and the devilish, was often represented, and numerous floats followed the example of Ratapignata, as those of Faust, Pluto, Satan, Lilith and its witches who were sometimes led to a " train of hell ", by some magnificent Babaou.


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