After the war of 1870-71 and the fall of the second Empire, the festivals of the carnival were going to be endowed with a new structure. A young civil servant of the prefecture, Andriot Saetone, took the initiative to create an Events committee " to restore in the carnival his vigour of former days ". In fact, it was a question of reassuring and of getting back the winter holiday clientele, worried since the events of the Municipality and which abandoned Nice by fear of "red", to prefer it San Remo on the Italian Riviera which had a quite new casino. So in 1873, an organizing Committee of the carnival, consisted of rich French and foreign winter holiday-makers as well as members of the bourgeoisie of Nice, established a valuable distribution on the occasion of a first parade of floats, cavalcades, masquerades. The festivities were so placed under the sign of charity fairs and charity, to appeal to the generosity and to the participation of the winter holiday-makers in the good tradition of victorian time.
Nice became one of the most famous urban carnivals of the Planet, in Rio's side, New Orleans, Quebec, Viareggio, which appear so from the end of the XIX-th century and come to transform the atmosphere of these carnivals, "more Venetian" in the XVIII-th century and confined in masked balls or Veglioni in the Italian theatres.
The crowned heads, the " Gentry ", hurried up in the loggias of the Carnival of Nice, even participated as the Prince of Wales, in the battles of flowers, on the Promenade des Anglais, in their flowery " breaks ", and between two battles of confettis of plaster (or of paper), took time to appreciate the quality of the grotesque parade, on Saleya Court, then later, place Masséna.
The writer Stephen Liegeard was not going to delay creating the term of "Côte d'Azur", the centenarian in 1987-88, the expression of which we celebrated become the definitive naming of our region.
Numerous initiatives are to put in the asset of the successive events committees:
Creation of battles of flowers on the Promenade des Anglais in 1876, first trains of pleasure on the line Paris-Lyon-Méditerranée in 1877, the floats of the music, the first float of Her Majesty Carnival in 1882, the palace for Carnival from 1890, among which those, set up between 1904 and 1908 in the purest style of the Art nouveau, the official song of the carnival from 1905, of magnificent decorations for electric illuminations from 1921, Madam Carnival in 1893, and her son Carnavalon in the thirties, the participation of numerous foreign delegations, which contribute to make some grotesque parade of Nice one of the most important of the world by the number of models, subjects, big heads, floats in pasteboard. In the Beautiful Time, the carnival of Nice was the most famous of the world, heightened by the presence of crowned or with prestigious personalities such as the prince of Wales or the emperor of Brazil (in 1888) on the eve of his dismissal.


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