Nice France Carnival• Creation of the Events committee and the first parade of Carnival, on Saleya Courts, on 1873.
• Debate around the float of Ratapignata/chauve-souris (bat), in 1875, the grotesque takes it on the allegorical.
• Creation of the battles of flowers in 1876.
• First trains of pleasure on the line Paris-Lyon-Méditerranée, in 1877.
• First float of the Music, on 1877.
• Grand Veglione (masked ball) in the Opera, on 1879.
• First float of Her Majesty Carnival, Triboulet in 1882, with royal sound procession of arrival.
• The Emperor of Brazil, Pedro II, attends the Carnival (1888).
• First poster advertisement of the Carnival, on 1889.
• The Prince of Wales (future Edouard Vll) lights the stake of Carnival, in 1889.
• Loggia for Carnival in 1890, (set up in the style of the Art nouveau between 1904 and 1908).
• Appearance of the confettis of paper in the Carnival of Nice in 1892.
• Creation of Madam Carnival, by Alexis Mossa in 1893, and Marriage with S.M. Carnival XXI
• Belle Otero, participates in the battle of flowers on her float, on 1902.
• Official song of Carnival in 1905.
• Babaoù of larnach, bigger float of the Carnival, in 1905.
• Carnival, Persée astride inverted on Pégase, Goodbye in the Beautiful Time, on 1914. (Pierre Spagnol Mossa and G. A's float.).
• 1921, Return of Carnival, after the war (Gustav-Adolf Mossa's float and Alexis Sidro), Gargantua on the Alsatian Stork.
• First electric illuminations in 1921.
• 1922, " Veloù, Veloù ", Carnival on the old-Bridge.
• Blackpool (GB's) carnival is organized by carnavaliers of Nice in 1923.
• Carnival is a Cubist, a Dadaist, in 1931.
• Carnival sings " the enjoyment " in 1939.
• It is abolished for " cause of madness " (war) from 1940 till 1945.
• on 1955, last battles of confettis of plaster.
• on 1964, the carnavalier Alexandre Sidro develops the mechanization of floats.
• 1976, King-Kong, J. P and P. Povignu.'s float, magnificent machine float makes sensation on the parade.
• on 1984, Carnival hundred, its hundredth year of administration celebrates, and develops cultural activities for the youth First International matches on the Carnival, the Holiday and the Communication.
• Nice, crossroads of the carnivals of the world with the creation of the television broadcast, " Carnivals of Carnivals " (1987-90).
• Carnival, King of love, on 1989. Jorge Amado, foreman of the jury in 1990.
• The war of the Gulf pulls the cancellation of Carnival, king of Madmen in 1991.
• King of the Kings in 1992.
• King of Europe in 1993. Two plastic artists of the School of Nice, Louis Cane and Ben, realize each a float, Masquerade and Unique And multiple Europe for Cane, Ratapignata, for Ben.
• Centenary of madam Carnival, on 1993.


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