The illuminations of Nice during the period of the Carnival, are particularly beautiful and unique in the World. Indeed, Nice can glorify to offer the Inhabitants of Nice and the tourists, most important and original brilliant decorations of all the Carnivals of the World: magnificent work, since 1921! The big parade of floats and the big heads in pasteboard of the Carnival of Nice.
During the whole period of the Carnival, Place Masséna is transformed into magic decoration, which has nothing to envy Hollyvood: 500 m. of panels of 9 m. of height (even 15 m. for the central panel).
Every evening, 150 000 lamps of 15 watts, hand coloured, supported by 100 km of cable! Flash around you, irradiate you and plunge you in the heart of an universe of " brilliant supernatural ". They provoke admiration of all the privileged of this unforgettable spectacle. who goes on Jean Médecin Avenue.
This decoration presents another S. M's face. Carnival, person with multiple facets the unconscious of which throws on the facades of the Place Masséna and the Avenue Jean Médecin the prismatic brightness of its glistening laughter.
Executed by Guillot Électricité Company, the drawings of the illuminations are the work of too much underestimated and very talented artists, as Damien Lanfranchi from 1970 till 1981 or Patrick Galdéano since.
It is Patrick Galdeano who conceives and paints decorations, on more than hundred plywood panels representing a surface of 120 000 m2.
The illuminations are inextricable of the grotesque decoration, and they aroused the surprise and the admiration of the Brazilian carnavaliers, nevertheless very chauvinistic on their Carnival.


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