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Nice Cooking

Recipes from Nice France, French Riviera, Provence, Health cuisine with olive oil

You enjoy food and want to discover our French Riviera, typical mediterranean cuisine, "La Cuisine Niçoise". Our recipes will bring you pleasure and health. Follow our instructions and enter a new world of tastes and emotions.

First step: The MENU
Choose the recipes according to the season and invite a few friends (epicurious gourmets will make your day unforgettable!). Suggest them to bring some Provence wine or best, a Bellet wine from Nice vineyards.

Second step: The SHOPPING
List all the ingredients and go to a colourful market where you will buy fresh vegetables, first class meat and fish. Enjoy the shopping and buy the best!

Third step: The COOKING
You may share the cooking of the meal with your friends (make sure they have some culinary experience!). Read the recipe, prepare the ingredients and let your imagination and feelings do the rest. If it smells good, it will be good.

Fourth step: The TESTING
Make your table as beautiful as can be and let the tasty dishes flavoured with olive oil, garlic, mediterranean aromatic herbs, dazzle your palate. Share your emotions with your friends. After the meal, discover the pleasure of a relaxing siesta under the sun (in summer, we suggest the shade of an olive tree). You will soon become a "Cuisine Niçoise" addict.

1 Raw ham and fresh figs
2 La pissaladiera (onion tart)
3 Salad of grilled mixed peppers
4 Fritters made from courgette (zucchini) flowers
5 Salade niçoise
6 Mussel soup with saffron and spaghetti
7 Soupe au pistou (Vegetable soup which garlic and basil)
8 Aiga boulida (Sage soup)
9 Trùcha (an omelette incorporating swiss chard)
10 Melèta de Cousègle (ham and mushroom omelette)
11 Spaghetti cooked with young courgettes
12 Gnocchi at potatoes
13 Rice with pine kernels and raisins
14 The ravioli pasta
15 Raviolis “a la Nissarda”
16 Socca
17 The “ratatouille”
18 Tomatoes cooked with dry bread crumbs and anchovies
19 Petits farcis (stuffed vegetables)
20 Stuffed courgette flowers
21 Lu capoun (stuffed green cabbage)
22 Tian (gratin of long marrow)
23 Alouettes sans tête
24 Lou pièch (stuffed veal breast)
25 Doba nissarda
26 Roast pork cooked in milk and sage
27 Estocaficada (stockfish cooked with vegetables, olives and herbs)
28 Casserole of snapper stuffed with fennel
29 Mussels with rosemary
30 Stuffed peaches
31 Ganses (small slivers of doughnut pastry)
32 Tourta de blea (swiss chard pie)

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